Admissions Calendar

    November Information Sessions/Tours
    12 Lower School Open House
    December Information Sessions/Tours
    2 Middle School Open House
      Middle and Upper School Athletic Information Session
    3 Upper School Open House
    January Information Sessions/Tours
      Evaluations for Lower School Applicants
      Interviews for Middle/Upper School Applicants
    6 Middle School Open House for Parents and Students
    13 Online Application Submission Deadline
    27 All Admissions Materials Deadline
      SSAT (Middle/Upper) Results Received Deadline
      Final Information Sessions/Tours and Office Visits
    February Final Lower School Evaluations
      Final Middle/Upper School Interviews
    10 Financial Aid Deadline
    10 JATP (Lower School) Results Received Deadline
    March Admissions File Reading and Admissions Committee Meetings
    31 Admissions Decisions USPS Mail
    1 Admissions Decisions Online
    13 New Student Online Enrollment Deadline
      Wait List Movement
    May – July Wait List Movement and Late Application Process
    July 3-7 Admissions Office Closed
    August Final Wait List Movement
      Wait Lists Expire on First Day of School