Frequently Asked Questions

    General Questions
    Q. Where do I find the Admissions Office?

    Q. May I come on campus and take a tour?

    Q. Do you accept new students in the middle of the year?

    Q. Is Westminster focused solely on academics?

    Q. Does Westminster offer AP programs or IB tests?

    Q. Does Westminster have a competitive sports program?

    Q. How does Westminster prepare my child for college and life?

    Q. What do you look for in an applicant?

    What can I do to prepare my child for the admissions process?

    Q. Is Westminster, as a Christian school, affiliated with a denomination?

    Q. How diverse is Westminster?

    Q. Are siblings and children of alumni guaranteed admission?
    Q. How do parents get involved in the life of the School?

    Q. We are applying from out of town. Can we be given any special consideration, given the difficulty of our situation?

    Q. Are parents required to meet with the Admissions Director as a part of the application process?
    Applying to Westminster - Additional Guidance
    Q. What kinds of test scores does my child need to have?

    Q. How soon after taking the test will Westminster see my child’s scores?

    Q. If my child takes the SSAT in February, will those results be received by Westminster in time for the admissions deadline?

    Q. What is your school code for the SSAT?

    Q. Does the deadline mean all forms are due?

    Q. May I ask my child’s current school to email forms and test scores to you?

    Q. My child currently has one teacher, but your application requires two teacher recommendation forms. What should I do?
    Q. What should I tell my child about the on-campus evaluation and/or interview?

    Q. Where are the on-campus evaluations and interviews for applicants to the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools?

    Q. How should my child dress for the observation or interview?
    About Financial Aid
    Q. How do I express interest in receiving financial aid?

    Q. How many students currently receive financial aid?

    Q. What documents do I need to provide along with my Financial Aid application?

    Q. Does Westminster offer scholarships?

    Q. I have more than one child. Does that affect how much aid I may be able to receive?

    Q. What is the bracket for qualifying for financial aid?

    Q. What if my 2016 tax return is not complete by the February 10 deadline?

    Q. What if I am divorced or unmarried?

    What is the most common mistake families make when completing the financial aid application?
    Q. Do Westminster students wear a uniform?

    Q. What colleges do Westminster students attend?
    Wait Lists and Reapplying
    Q. My child was not accepted for admission last year. Would it be worth our time to reapply this year?

    Q. My child is on the Wait List. What happens now?