Fall Teams
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    Cross Country - Middle School Boys
    Cross Country - Middle School Girls
    Cross Country - Varsity Boys
    Cross Country - Varsity Girls
    Football - 7th Grade
    Football - 8th Grade
    Football - 9th Grade
    Football - Junior Varsity
    Football - Varsity
    Football Cheerleading - Junior Varsity
    Football Cheerleading - Varsity
    Softball - Junior Varsity
    Softball - Middle School
    Softball - Varsity
    Volleyball - Junior Varsity
    Volleyball - Middle School Green
    Volleyball - Middle School White
    Volleyball - Varsity
    Winter Teams
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    Basketball - 7th Grade Boys
    Basketball - 7th Grade Girls
    Basketball - 8th Grade Boys
    Basketball - 8th Grade Girls
    Basketball - 9th Grade Boys
    Basketball - Junior Varsity Boys
    Basketball - Junior Varsity Girls
    Basketball - Varsity Boys
    Basketball - Varsity Girls
    Basketball Cheerleading - Junior Varsity
    Basketball Cheerleading - Varsity
    Squash - Varsity Boys
    Squash - Varsity Girls
    Swimming and Diving - Middle School Boys
    Swimming and Diving - Middle School Girls
    Swimming and Diving - Varsity Boys
    Swimming and Diving - Varsity Girls
    Wrestling - Junior Varsity
    Wrestling - Middle School
    Wrestling - Varsity
    Spring Teams
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    Baseball - 8th & 9th Grade
    Baseball - Junior Varsity
    Baseball - Varsity
    Crew - Varsity Girls
    Golf - Junior Varsity Boys
    Golf - Junior Varsity Girls
    Golf - Middle School Boys
    Golf - Middle School Girls
    Golf - Varsity Boys
    Golf - Varsity Girls
    Gymnastics - Junior Varsity
    Gymnastics - Middle School
    Gymnastics - Varsity
    Lacrosse - Junior Varsity Boys
    Lacrosse - Junior Varsity Girls
    Lacrosse - Middle School Boys
    Lacrosse - Middle School Girls
    Lacrosse - Varsity Boys
    Lacrosse - Varsity Girls
    Soccer - Junior Varsity Boys
    Soccer - Junior Varsity Girls
    Soccer - Middle School Boys Green
    Soccer - Middle School Boys White
    Soccer - Middle School Girls Green
    Soccer - Middle School Girls White
    Soccer - Varsity Boys
    Soccer - Varsity Girls
    Tennis - Junior Varsity Boys
    Tennis - Junior Varsity Girls
    Tennis - Middle School Boys
    Tennis - Middle School Girls
    Tennis - Varsity Boys
    Tennis - Varsity Girls
    Track and Field - Middle School Boys
    Track and Field - Middle School Girls
    Track and Field - Varsity Boys
    Track and Field - Varsity Girls
    Athletics are an integral part of Westminster’s educational program, designed to develop the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. Our program helps students develop healthy habits and recreational skills as it teaches commitment, self-discipline, self-sacrifice, sportsmanship, cooperation, loyalty, and pride in one's self and school community. For 15 out of the 16 years it has been given, Westminster has been awarded the Georgia Athletic Director’s Association’s Directors Cup - an honor given to the best athletic program in the state. Westminster is proud to have earned more state titles than any other high school in the state.  In 2013, Westminster was named the winner of the MaxPreps Cup, given annually to the best high school athletic program in the nation.  Westminster was selected after its most recent school year in which the Wildcats won 11 GHSA State Championships.

    The athletic program offers interscholastic competition for students in grades seven through 12. The level of participation is appropriate to the students' age, development, ability, and interest. While varsity competition places a greater emphasis on winning, it is not the primary goal of sub-varsity teams. The sub-varsity programs put a great emphasis on participation and skill development.

    At Westminster, we believe young people who experience the meaning of sportsmanship while caught in the grips of athletic competition receive an understanding of life that will help shape their own personal philosophies and enhance their lives in the future.
    Athletics News
    Amy Eubanks Named Girls Cross Country Coach of the Year
    Coach Amy Eubanks has been named the national 2017 Girls Cross Country Coach of the Year.
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    Student-Athletes Sign Letters of Intent
    During a ceremony on National Signing Day, 14 student-athletes signed their official letters of intent to play at the college level.
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    Wildcat Swim and Dive Team Wins Middle School Championships
    Congratulations to the Middle School swimming and diving team for winning their championship this weekend!
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    Recent Scores & Highlights
    Saturday, May 13, 2017
    State 5A-A Championship
    5:00 PM  @ Lakewood Stadium
    5:00 PM 
    Lacrosse - Varsity Boys VS Lovett School Win 10-9 (OT)
    Friday, May 12, 2017
    State AAA Championship
    7:30 PM  @ McEachern High School
    7:30 PM 
    Soccer - Varsity Boys VS Pace Academy Win 2-1
    State AAA Championship
    5:00 PM  @ McEachern High School
    5:00 PM 
    Soccer - Varsity Girls VS Pace Academy Win 3-0
    Wednesday, May 10, 2017
    State 5A-A Semifinal
    7:30 PM  
    7:30 PM 
    Lacrosse - Varsity Boys VS Greater Atlanta Christian School Win 11-4
    State 5A-A Semifinal
    5:00 PM  
    5:00 PM 
    Lacrosse - Varsity Girls VS Blessed Trinity Loss 7-11