Throughout the course of its history, Westminster has been fortunate to build a robust endowment that provides income to support both current and future operations. Our Endowment is comprised of unrestricted and restricted funds and undergirds Westminster’s financial health.  Each year, about 17% of the school’s operating budget (around $9.5 million) is funded by endowment income.  Other sources of funds for the operating budget include tuition (71%), the annual Westminster Fund (6%), and income from auxiliary programs (such as summer camps).

    Endowment income supports every aspect of a Westminster education.  Donors who establish endowed funds are expressing confidence in Westminster’s commitment to developing the whole person for college and for life.

    The Westminster trustees, administrators, faculty, and students recognize and deeply appreciate the many ways that our donors contribute to the life of the school through endowed gifts. The gracious support of our friends ensures a bright and promising future for every Westminster student.

    For more information on endowment policies and gifts, please contact Lauren Flores.

    Thank you for your investment in Westminster.

    The Westminster Schools Endowment Allocation