JanTerm is an intensive, three-week course of study allowing Upper School students to focus on a single topic in great depth and at an accelerated pace. This immersive learning experience offers unique, hands-on experiences in the classroom as well as off-campus field trips and opportunities for overnight travel.

    JanTerm courses provide engaging, experiential, cross-disciplinary and project-based learning. These classes foster collaboration, as well as provide venues for students to create, innovate and problem solve. Classes often connect with communities both in the city of Atlanta and beyond.

    A few JanTerm course offerings included Broadcast Journalism, Food Chemistry & Global Cultures, Sports Medicine, Leadership 101, Atlantic Coastal Ecology and Culture, Religious Pluralism & Current Events and more. Eleventh and twelfth graders may use JanTerm to do internships in a variety of fields from medicine to research to interior design.
    Student Perspectives

    "JanTerm was one of the best experiences of my academics at Westminster.” —Grace W. ‘17

    “During this course, friendships were created and bonds were formed with the instructors, who put so much of themselves into the class in order to pass on their knowledge.” —Amory W. '18

    "JanTerm gave me the opportunity to try something I’ve always wanted to do, but could never fit into my busy schedule: painting. My three-week class, "Painting with a Purpose," exposed me to the power and meaning of artwork, opened a new perception of the world around me, and greatly increased my appreciation for art." —Caroline P. ‘15