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    Learning to Serve and Lead in a Changing World
    The Westminster Middle School focuses on the development of the whole child through a rich and challenging curriculum that balances traditional and innovative teaching methods. Cultivating creativity, enhancing skill development and supporting personal growth, teachers build study strategies as they  incorporate technology, experiential learning and critical thinking skills into the daily curriculum. The goal is to prepare students for a seamless transition to the Upper School – and for their lives beyond. Our campus provides the perfect landscape to navigate these formative years – from flexible library space perfect for group work, to patios and other outdoor areas conducive to brainstorming and building friendships. Weekly school-wide gatherings build a sense of community that enrich the Middle School experience.

    Developing a culture of caring and growing leaders who will serve and be empathetic to the world around them starts with spiritual, social and emotional growth. Character education is part of the advisement program but is also integrated throughout the curriculum. Each student is assigned a homeroom advisor and grade chair, ensuring that every child is well taken care of during the school day. Additionally, students' homerooms, which are separated by grade level and gender, serve as advisement cohorts. A daily devotional, chapel assemblies and character education are part of the day-to-day focus on community building. One day each week, students meet with their respective grade chair in single-gender, grade-level meetings. The locker commons areas, which are also separated by gender and grade, help build a sense of belonging and community.
    From the Middle School Head, Danette Morton
    There is Magic in the Middle at Westminster.

    In the Middle School, students explore interests, develop talents, and discover passions that will follow them into adulthood. From Academic Quiz Team to Honor Council, with so many opportunities between, our students examine both the "what?" and the "so what?" of a vigorous academic preparation.
    Here in the Middle School, the journey begins in earnest towards self-discovery and independence. Guiding the journey is a team of teachers fully dedicated to early adolescent learners. Our teachers are engaged before, during, and after the school day, nurturing students as budding scholars, artists, athletes and innovators. Teachers challenge students to inquire, practice, create, and reflect. And, teachers model these processes in their own work.
    Walking through our community, you will find a fresh blend of tradition and innovation. New technologies are integrated with timeless methods; reflection and revision are embraced. We seek to provide the most relevant canvas for learning and growth in our quest to develop students who will serve and lead in a changing world.
    The transition to adolescence is intense and dynamic. From start to finish, middle-schoolers grow noticeably in every way – physically, cognitively, socially, spiritually. In addition to teacher-advisors, parents can rely on the support of a dedicated leadership team. Our Grade Chairs, Deans of Students, Counselor, Chaplain, Director of Studies, and Nurse all partner with parents to guide students through the important challenges of Middle School.
    At Westminster, we believe the journey to self-discovery and independence is as important as the destination.  We are firmly committed to providing students the very best in their middle school years.
    With joy,
    Danette Morton
    Head of Middle School