A lifetime of joy begins with a single sound – or learning that blue and yellow make green – or with the joy of marching left, right, left, right around the table at recess. Academic and artistic endeavors go hand in hand at Westminster. It’s all about a quest for excellence. Discipline and focus bring Chekhov to life. Critical thinking in rehearsals and celebration of life make Handel’s Messiah the beloved annual event it has become. Vivaldi loves Mozart in the orchestra room, Shakespeare and Stoppard are crazy about each other on stage, Holst meets Haydn in band and Bob Fosse steps out with Alvin Ailey! Practice and passion hold hands lifelong when you’re involved in the arts at Westminster.
    With the guidance of the Lower School Performing Arts faculty, students discover the joy and satisfaction of expression through acting, creating, listening, moving, performing, and singing, building the foundation for lifelong learning and a joyous passion for the arts.

    We believe exposure to the performing arts enriches and delights every child in all stages of development. In the Lower School, the journey of discovering and exploring the performing arts begins in music classes that begin with the start of the school year. Learn more about that journey here.
    In the Middle School, the Performing Arts Department recognizes the importance of artistic development in each student. Our performing arts curriculum and opportunities become more sophisticated as student artistry evolves.

    This method includes creative artistic expression, groundwork in technique, an inclusive environment, a desire to spark dialogue, integrated studies, and the discipline required of artists. It also implies an understanding and appreciation of a cross-fertilization of ideas, studying the arts of various cultures. Learn more about artistic development here.
    In the Upper School, creativity is not just fun: it’s daring, adventuresome, and exotic. The opportunities to represent the school on the local, national, and international stage musically and theatrically are obvious. Graduates from Westminster's performing arts program have gone on to very successful careers in movies, TV, symphony orchestras, on the Broadway stage, and dance companies around the world.

    By participating in the choral groups or in instrumental ensembles, students become walking examples of the way music can transform their lives. They become, through their work onstage and off, part of the spiritual and cultural character of Westminster, and the very dance of life.
    Learn more about these transformative programs here.