Invigorating, Challenging, and Fun
    Happy young faces fill our classrooms. Eager feet trample on the gym floor and across three playgrounds. Inquisitiveness and curiosity are welcome here. Boundless energy resonates through Love Hall. This is where Learning for Life begins.
    Innovative, Captivating, and Transformative
    Middle School is a time to cultivate intellectual curiosity, even as we celebrate students’ emerging independence. Our Middle School focuses specifically on the needs of the adolescent learner who is beginning to understand his or her increasing ability to impact the greater world. A strong team of adults is ever-present to guide, support, encourage and challenge. 
    Engaging, Meaningful, and Relevant
    Combine a world-class faculty and an extraordinary student body and amazing things happen. In Westminster’s Upper School, each student discovers his or her gifts through a deeply engaging academic program and a richly diverse extracurricular program. To our great pleasure, our students defy easy classification. They are writers, athletes, thinkers, debaters, artists, peacemakers, politicians, scientists, actors, and community servants.