The Wilbur and Hilda Glenn Institute for Philanthropy and Service Learning at Westminster

    Learn How to Serve

    Central to the education of good stewards is The Glenn Institute. Serving as a catalyst for change in the school, The Glenn Institute helps educate young people about the principles and practice of philanthropy, supports community service programs, and promotes the value of service learning as an important instructional methodology throughout the school’s curriculum. As a part of the school community’s overall Philanthropic Commitment, The Glenn Institute also provides Westminster families and faculty members with opportunities to learn more about philanthropy and to get involved in community service. The Glenn Institute was established by Tom and Lou Glenn and endowed by the Wilbur and Hilda Glenn Family Foundation, in 2003. Beginning with the initial summer program called Philanthropy 101, today’s program of philanthropy education curriculum, community service, and service learning initiatives is at the forefront of a national conversation about how schools serve the public good while educating their students to be informed critical thinkers and effective problem solvers. The Glenn Institute collaborates with peer schools to promote philanthropy education and service learning throughout the nation’s independent school community.
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    Callie Crabb
    Director, The Glenn Institute