Global Programs

    Students learn outside of the classroom as much as they learn in the classroom at Westminster. Through a variety of programs, Westminster students have the opportunity to learn and to experience the diversity of people and cultures in the United States and around the world – our similarities, our differences, and ultimately our interconnectedness. These programs push students beyond a vague and abstract knowledge of that interconnectedness, such that they begin to feel that interconnectedness through the relationships they develop. In this way, for each student, knowledge of the mind is carried to the heart.
    • Argentina
    • China
    • Chewonki
    • Discovery Program Island School
    • Experiment in International Living
    • France
    • Grand Canyon Havasu Falls Backpacking
    • Guatemala
    • Governors Honors Program
    • Maine Adventure
    • Marine Biology
    • Mt. Kenya Academy
    • Oxbow
    • Running Through History
    • School Year Abroad
    • Scuba Certification Grand Bahamas
    • Sustainable Ocean Studies
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