Lilly Chin '13 Wins Jeopardy! College Championship

    Alum wins $100,000 grand prize after two-week competition.

    Lilly Chin '13—currently an electrical engineering and computer science senior at MIT—won the Jeopardy! College Championship tournament on Friday.

    Lilly breezed through the first round and semifinals before last week's two-day finals.

    “My goal for the entire tournament was really just to make it to the semifinals. Everything else was just icing on the cake,” Lilly said. “I never expected to do so well and honestly, everything after that quarterfinal win just feels like a dream. After the competition, I actually had dreams where the Jeopardy! staff called me up and said there was a mistake and that I wasn’t the champion.”

    During the finals, Lilly was so far ahead of the competition that the Final Jeopardy question didn't even matter. In response to the clue, "Astronomer who began his epitaph, 'I used to measure the heavens, now I shall measure the shadows of Earth,'" she wrote, “Who is Spiciest Memelord?" (The correct answer is Johannes Kepler.)

    Lilly plans to save some of her winnings, and use the rest to pay off her student loans. Because of her win, Lilly is now eligible to play in the next edition of the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions.