Our Strategic Vision

    Westminster celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2011, an opportune moment for our leadership and faculty to consider this central question: “Are we preparing students for the world they live in and will inherit as adults, or are we preparing them for the world that many of our faculty and parents grew up in thirty or forty years ago?” Out of many conversations, meetings, deep reflection, and research, our Learning for Life Vision Statement emerged. This vision articulates the qualities and skills that characterize our community of lifelong learners who serve and lead in a changing world.
    From this vision, the Strategic Plan 2012 emerged, a road map Westminster will follow as we embrace the opportunities and challenges inherent in providing the best possible education for young people who will become citizens of the global community. We have also engaged CEISMC, the Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, & Computing, to assess how we are progressing in the journey.
    Find more information on the Learning for Life Vision Statement, the Strategic Plan 2012, and details of CEISMC’s groundbreaking work.
    Learning for Life Vision Statement