Tuition and Financial Aid

    2017-18 Tuition and Fees
    Pre-First-5: $24,220
    6-12: $28,090

    Tuition and Fees include lunch, academic activity fees for all students, and use of MacBook Air® laptops for students in grades 3-12. Pre-First through Second Grade have the use of iPads and book fees also include any software licensing fees for specific courses. Lower School students do not have to purchase books; however, Middle School and Upper School students must do so. Books typically cost $350-400 for Middle School (MS) students and $450-600 for Upper School (US) students.
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    Financial Aid
    Westminster is pleased to provide financial aid (FA) to families who qualify for need-based aid. We encourage you to consider applying if you think that tuition payments would create undue burden on your family.

    Applying for admission to Westminster for the first time? As you complete the family information portion of the application, please answer "yes" to the question, "Do you plan to apply for financial aid?" If you didn't reply "yes" to this question as you completed your application for admission, be sure to email us to let us know that you plan to apply for aid for the 2017-18 school year. The instructions and policies are included with the online application in the section with the additional required documents. Financial Aid applications must be submitted through the SSS system and are due by February 10, 2017.
    Specific Instructions:
    • A detailed guide to the financial aid application process, as well as a summary of the School’s financial aid policies, is included with the application instructions as you “apply online” for admission. Follow these instructions to apply online to SSS.
    • If you forget to answer "yes" regarding your intent to apply for financial aid on your application, email us.
    About Financial Aid
    Q. How do I express interest in receiving financial aid?

    Q. How many students currently receive financial aid?

    Q. What documents do I need to provide along with my Financial Aid application?

    Q. Does Westminster offer scholarships?

    Q. I have more than one child. Does that affect how much aid I may be able to receive?

    Q. What is the bracket for qualifying for financial aid?

    Q. What if I am divorced or unmarried?