Working with myriad media, Westminster art students embrace the creative process, pursuing individual interests and exploring the role of art in their lives and world cultures. A gifted faculty of practicing artists nurtures, encourages, challenges, and validates young people as they work to gain sharper aesthetic awareness and judgment. Clearer personal vision, well-developed problem solving and decision-making skills, and a discerning sensibility toward their visual environment are expected outcomes of this experience.

    In the Westminster art program, we learn a shared language. We reflect, alone and together, on our attempts and we continually refine and search for meaning in a process designed to celebrate growth and the development of informed, aware citizens.

    In the Upper School, as part of our expanded art curriculum, our Juniors and Seniors involved with The Sustaining Community Cohort traveled to New Orleans to view Prospect 2, the second edition of the largest international art biennial to take place in this country. Experience their impressions and account of this remarkable trip in the video at right.

    A Cross-curricular Collaboration

    See the Exhibit book: A Cross-curricular Collaboration above.

    The Lower School’s art program nurtures each child’s ability to observe, record, and interpret the world in which they live. We challenge our students to “see” the world through artist’s eyes and to answer the question, “What does the practice of an artist look like?” Our art room is a place of research and discovery where children develop unique voices through an exciting and inspirational investigation of concepts, techniques, and materials. Learn more.
    Working through a dynamic sequence of curricula, Middle School art students continue to build upon their exploration and discovery taken from the Lower School and anticipate the exciting Portfolio opportunities in the Upper School. Students investigate a variety of media including drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media assemblage, photography and digital imagery to establish an understanding of the elements and principles of design. They simultaneously participate in rich, expressive projects that explore themes of identity, memory, community and self-image. Students collaborate with one another as they grapple with complex visual problems, foster an understanding of authentic communication, give and receive constructive criticism, and develop analytical skills that will benefit them in the art room and beyond. Learn more.
    Whether their artistic journey at Westminster is just beginning or becoming more focused, Upper School art students embark on an adventure of contemporary issues and expressions, bringing together their passions, experiences and questions about their world. Collaborative discussions and projects stimulate problem-solving within the creative context and reach beyond tangible mediums as they promote a high level of artistic exploration. Inspirational programs, unique travel opportunities and directed study for the most serious art students, all seek to enhance the creative mind. Learn more.