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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA

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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA
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A Message and Invitation from Keith Evans, President (June 6, 2020)

In a recent letter, I pledged that Westminster would continue—and build upon—our efforts to face honestly the realities of racial injustice toward Black Americans and to grow into a more inclusive community for all. Our pledge calls us to resist passivity and take action in the face of complex and systemic issues of racism whether in our nation or on our campus.

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Westminster Schools Atlanta Julia Rhee Sarah Street

Julie Rhee '21 and Sarah Street '21 were recognized for “bringing under-recognized perspectives to the public sphere, thinking deeply about collective futures, exemplifying intelligence and courage in work on behalf of others."

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Westminster means opportunity to...

Love. Challenge.
Lead. Change.

From their earliest years, Westminster students are loved – and develop a love of learning. We introduce their curious and ambitious minds to the joys of besting a challenge. As their worlds broaden, their senses of self and of responsibility deepen. By graduation, our students are ready to be the solution-finders, the status-quo breakers, and the agents of change. In a word, leaders.

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Greek Parade

Fifth graders celebrate the culmination of their Greek studies unit by dressing as their favorite mythological characters.

“At Westminster, excellence means working at the very edge of one’s ability, until personal limits are stretched and extended.”
Dr. William L. Pressly,
Westminster’s founding headmaster

To light minds on fire,

just add the right accelerant.

For exceptionally curious students,

Westminster is the perfect springboard.

Westminster’s vision is to propel bright students to mine their curiosity, expand their vision, and discover their purpose.


“Kids can be as many things as they want to be here: artist, musician, actor, athlete.”

Westminster wows.

The secret to our success lies in our passion.

The results speak for themselves.

At Westminster, we believe in loving what you do and doing it with all you've got. Whether it's academic achievements, athletic discipline, community connections, or collaborative projects, our students soar.


alums selected as Rhodes Scholars


continents are home to Westminster global programs


of students participate in art extracurriculars


athletic state championships since 1951


family service days each year


alums and counting


miles traveled during JanTerm

Together, anything is possible.

a new kind of leader

Tomorrow calls for