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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA

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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA
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Campus Planning Process

Creating Our Campus Plan

We have been guided by our history and committed to our founding values of academic excellence, creating a unique student experience, and serving Atlanta and the world. Each new campus space has been designed to enhance what already makes Westminster special.​​​​​

Three clear themes emerged during the planning process and are built into every project:

  1. Building community

  2. Strengthening connections

  3. Learning and leadership on display

What Is A Campus Plan?

Campus Site Map

Our campus plan has set the stage for the most comprehensive campus renewal in Westminster's history. The projects, marked below in green, will equip our students with the 21st century skills they need to be leaders of conscience -- today and for generations to come. 



Campus Planning Timeline 

May 2012: The Board of Trustees approves a new strategic plan.
Summer 2016: The campus planning process begins.
Fall 2016: Focus groups of trustees, faculty, administration, alumni, and students begin meeting.
January 2017: The Board of Trustees approves priorities and direction for the campus plan.
Fall 2017: School leaders and architects develop a timeline for campus improvements. Faculty begin to refine plans for how the new buildings will be used.
Fall 2018: The Board of Trustees approves construction plan. The school community continues to refine details.
Summer 2019: Construction begins on Campbell Hall, new academic building, and Community Plaza.
Winter 2019: Construction begins on Barge Commons and Parking Deck.
Fall 2020: Campbell Hall, Hawkins Hall, the Community Plaza, Stadium, and Parking Deck open.
Fall 2021: Barge Commons opens.
Spring 2023: Construction begins on Love Hall.
Spring 2024: Construction on The Blake Center begins.
Fall 2024: Love Hall expansion and renovation are completed.
2026: The Blake Center Opens.

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