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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA

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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA
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Campus Planning Process


Our 2012 strategic plan, For College and for Life, was the impetus for the creation of our campus plan. During a three-year process, our Campus Planning Committee brought together perspectives from across the Westminster community—faculty and staff, students, parents, administrators, alumni, trustees, and experts from a variety of industries.

Key themes that emerged during this planning process are guiding our approach to campus revitalization:

  1. We are committed to expressing our founding values in our community and through our campus.
  2. We will deepen the impact of Westminster's unique student experience.
  3. We will build community and foster connection.
  4. We will learn in transparent and flexible settings designed to serve as catalysts for an engaging academic program.
  5. We will serve Atlanta and develop leaders of conscience for our city, nation, and world.

What Is A Campus Plan?

Campus Planning Timeline

  • Summer 2016: Campus planning complete
  • Fall 2016: Community focus groups and feedback sessions
  • January 2017: Board approves campus framework
  • Fall 2017: Ennead Architects retained; phasing and programming refined
  • October 2017: President Evans leads parent and student information sessions to share key themes from approved Campus Plan
  • November 2017: Fall issue of Westminster Magazine outlines campus plan framework and key themes
  • September 2018: Board approves site and construction plans
  • Winter 2018/Spring 2019: Design development concludes; continued feedback from community and friends
  • March 2019: President Evans shares details of the first phase of construction projects with faculty and staff
  • April 2019: President Evans shares details of the first phase of construction projects with parents and Upper School students
  • April 2019: Spring issue Westminster Magazine outlines details of the campus plan and the first phase of building projects
  • Spring 2019: Construction begins

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