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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA

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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA
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A Comprehensive Vision


 Of Atlanta, for the world. 
In 1951, a bold vision emerged in the minds of city leaders across Atlanta. As the metro area gained economic strength and its potential seemed to grow day by day, a group of businessmen and women, educators, and clergy envisioned an institution that would develop young people of integrity and strength who could lead—and accelerate—the region’s momentum.

From its very beginning, Westminster was guided by a vision to create a unique student experience—one that would pair bright, motivated students with teachers who could not only engage their passions but enable them to reach their boldest aspirations. This community would be faithful to Christian values and cultivate an ethos of respect and compassion. We honor the promise of our founding today by graduating students who make Atlanta—and the world—a better place through their leadership.

Campus as a Catalyst

The complexity of the challenges Westminster students face in their lives has increased dramatically since our early days. This is a time defined by interconnectedness, and it calls for a new kind of leader—leaders who will innovate and strategize, bring people and ideas together, and infuse their efforts with a commitment to serving purposefully and selflessly.

At Westminster, we have a headstart on shaping this new generation of young leaders. Across our campus, our faculty and students are practicing a more engaging model for teaching and learning.

To continue fulfilling the promise of our mission, our campus must be a teacher, an enabler, and a catalyst. We are grateful each day for a campus that feels like home, but we are also all too familiar with the obstacles it creates in achieving the collaborative learning environment that we know our students need and our teachers are eager to embrace.

Reimagine the Upper School Experience

Large classrooms where natural light shines abundantly in Campbell Hall, a STEAM lab and grab-and-go dining in the new Upper School academic building, and other areas that promote collaboration, innovation, and inquiry all over campus will take our historic campus into a new era. Our students and teachers are ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow—new and renovated spaces will give them the tools they need.

Celebrate and Strengthen Community

Westminster’s community is special. There’s no doubt. New spaces will enable students, parents, alumni, and friends to all gather together and strengthen our ties even more deeply. Gathering space is our focus in creating the new community plaza at Alfred E. Thompson Stadium, and indoor and outdoor spaces are being optimized for both "productive collisions" and deep conversations.

Learning and Leadership on Display Every Day

Westminster's legacy is one of leadership. Our 12,000 alumni are leaders in Atlanta and around the world. Leadership is everywhere on campus—if you know where to look. With the construction of a new "front door," Westminster Center, we will welcome the world in and tell our story to all who visit campus—a story of excellence, civic engagement, and a legacy of leadership.

The Campus of Our Future

Our campus plan has set the stage for the most comprehensive campus renewal in Westminster's history. Potential projects, marked below in green, have the ability to equip our students with the 21st century skills they need to be leaders in society—now and for generations to come.

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