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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA

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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA
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Campus Planning Leadership

The campus planning work was spearheaded by the Campus Planning Committee and brought together perspectives from across the Westminster community—from faculty and staff members to students, parents, administrators, alumni, Trustees, and experts from a variety of industries. We are grateful to all who contributed to the comprehensive planning effort.

Campus Planning Committee

Brand Morgan '94, P '25, Trustee, Chair

Harold Dawson '82, P '11, Trustee

Scott Hawkins, P '00, P'13, Trustee, ex-officio

Katharine Kelley '82, P '19, P '21, P '24, Trustee

Stephen Lanier '96, P '26, P '30, Trustee

David Love '90, P '20, P '22, Trustee

Floyd Newton '73, P '07, P '10, P 12, Trustee, ex-officio

Tom Noonan P '08, Trustee

Kelly Regal P '20, P '24, Trustee

Clay Rolader '72, P '16, Trustee

Stephen Schoen '80, P '05, P '07, P '10, P '12, P '26, Trustee

Steve Selig '61, P '86, P '87, P '88, Trustee

Jeff Small '85, P '15, Trustee

Marilyn Black P '91, P '93, P '06, GP

Angela Hsu P '27

Jim Irwin '97, P '25, P '28

Scott Sanchez P '27

Keith Evans, President

Toni Boyd, Vice President for Finance and Operations

Emilie Henry, Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Cindy Trask, Head of Upper School (2016-2021)

Faculty Cohorts

Westminster's faculty plays a vital role in the planning and design of the new campus spaces. As educational experts, they deeply understand the impact that space has on learning and the School's need for environments that are flexible, adaptable, transparent, and socially aware. The following teachers serve on Upper School campus planning task forces responsible for the academic programming of our new spaces to ensure a dynamic and engaging student experience. 

Cindy Trask, Head of Upper School (2016-2021)

Chanley Small '87, Upper School Dean of Academics

Stephen Addcox, Upper School English Teacher

Eliot Kaplan, Upper School Science Teacher (through 2021)

Mark Labouchere, Upper School Economics Teacher and Instructional Technology Specialist

Kate Morgens '91, Performing Arts Department Chair

Michael Reese, Upper School Visual Arts Teacher

Ben Steele, Upper School Visual Arts Teacher

"What I have most appreciated in being a part of these new initiatives on campus is the opportunity to shape the story of Westminster at the forefront of education in the 21st century. We all want to provide the fertile soil in which our students' abilities and passions will flourish. The innovation we already see from our teachers and students will now also be reflected in the spaces we inhabit on campus."
-Stephen Addcox, Upper School English Teacher

Key Partners

In addition to the countless Westminster community members involved in the campus planning process since its inception in 2014, the School has enlisted the expertise of key partners who are leaders in their respective fields and committed to supporting our efforts to fulfill the School's mission through dynamic new spaces.

Campus Planning Consultant
The Blanchard Group

Lead Architect

Landscape Architect

General Contractor
JE Dunn

Project Management
BDR Partners

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