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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA

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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA
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Westminster Magazine Spring 2020

Welcome to the online home of Westminster Magazine. 

Here, you can read and share feature stories from our most recent issue, view recent archives, and see bonus content from the Wildcat nation. Alumni readers, be sure to submit your Class News!

Spring 2020

How timeless lessons prepare today's students to thrive in tomorrow's world
In this issue, we we work to decipher how the world will change in the coming years and decades and what that means for our students’ lives. To be ready for a future characterized by relentless innovation, our students must be able to embrace the complexities of technology, of humanity, and of the interplay between the two.

Cover Story: Decoding the Future

In a computer-driven era that shows no signs of slowing down, how do we help our students thrive?
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7 Cats Predict What's Next

A few Wildcats give us their best guesses about what the future might look like.


The Inventor's Mindset

John Lert '64 is on a quest to reinvent the grocery store.