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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA

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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA
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Upper School

This is what love leads to.

Our Upper School challenges students to integrate an evolving sense of self with the needs and demands of the world. Phenomenal academic programs such as JanTerm, global study, and a host of AP courses allow students to become more deeply focused and more widely differentiated, while extracurricular activities hone leadership skills. Advisories help students set and meet their goals. And our exceptional College Counselors guide students through the college selection and application process.

In the Upper School, our way of teaching and learning is without limitations. When students ask, ‘How far can we go?’ The answer is always, ‘As far as your ambition will take you.'– Cindy Trask, Head of Upper School

A Day in the Life of Upper School

Clubs & Activities

Students participate in a variety of clubs and activities from competing on debate team, starring in the Upper School Fall play, to attending affinity group meetings to volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, among other opportunities.

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College Counseling

Our College Counselors take a team approach to helping students identify and apply to colleges where they’ll thrive.

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