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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA

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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA
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Upper School Curriculum

Students typically take five academic courses per semester with a seven-day rotating schedule, allowing them to engage in intensive study, fieldwork, and other enhanced learning opportunities.

Honors and AP courses represent both a challenge and a distinction for the exceptionally talented and motivated student. AP courses are college-level courses that terminate in an Advanced Placement Examination offered by the College Entrance Examination Board. Students may be awarded college credit or college course exemption on the basis of AP exam scores.

Upper School Courses


Every Upper School student participates in JanTerm, an innovative three-week immersion experience full of hands-on activities to utilize skills and develop knowledge across various disciplines.

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College Counseling

The McCamish Family College Counseling Center is home to our team of college counselors. Each student is paired with a counselor who provides tailored strategies and advice throughout the application process.

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