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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA

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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA
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General Questions

Where do I find the Admissions Office?

The Office of Admissions and Enrollment Services is located on the second level of Scott Hall. The Lower School Admissions Office is located in Love Hall. If you plan to visit us, please call us first at 404-609-6202 to schedule an appointment and make sure we're available to visit with you. 

May I come on campus and take a tour?

Yes, we offer many small group information sessions and tours starting in October and going through early February at each division—Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School. These sessions are for parents only and take place during the school day. Please refer to Ravenna to view upcoming events and tour dates. We look forward to welcoming you on our campus.

Do you accept new students in the middle of the year?

No. We are unable to accommodate new students once the school year begins. Even though there may be an instance where a current family moves away during the school year, we will not bring new students into the school until the following year.

Is Westminster focused solely on academics?

While our curriculum sets high standards for our students, it is extremely important for our students to be involved in the life of the school. We know that it is through these experiences on the athletic fields, in the performance venues, and in the competitive pursuit of excellence that friendships are created and the bonds are woven even tighter.

Westminster is the school for your family if you want a place where your child can be challenged but have fun; learn to ask questions and have teachers who respond with another question; learn how a community works together; and contribute to that same community in a meaningful way.

Does Westminster have a competitive sports program?

Athletics are an integral part of Westminster's educational program, designed to develop the whole person - mind, body, and spirit. Our program helps students develop healthy habits and recreational skills as it teaches commitment, self-discipline, self-sacrifice, sportsmanship, cooperation, loyalty, and pride in one's self and school community.

For as many years as it has been given, Westminster has been awarded the Georgia Athletic Director's Association's Directors Cup - an honor given to the best athletic program in the state. Westminster is proud to have won more state titles than any other high school in the state. Please visit our Athletics section for a comprehensive look at our Wildcat teams.

How does Westminster prepare my child for college and life?

Westminster's thorough preparation of students is a gift for your child that can never be taken away. Our graduates return repeatedly to share not only how well prepared they are for the responsibility and autonomy that college demands, but also for the responsibility and connectedness that a community demands.

Is Westminster, as a Christian school, affiliated with a denomination?

Westminster is a non-denominational school that serves students of many different faiths and cultures. We welcome all families to our inclusive community.

Do Westminster students wear a uniform?

Westminster students do not wear a uniform but instead follow a dress code. The purpose of the dress code is to instill in our students a sense of pride in their appearance and to allow them to learn to make decisions about how they present themselves.

Does Westminster offer AP programs or IB tests?

We offer 23 Advanced Placement courses in the Upper School. Please visit the Academics section on our website for the course listings. Westminster does not offer the IB program.

How diverse is Westminster?

Westminster is an inclusive educational and spiritual community that embraces and values the unique qualities and traits of each of its members. We recognize that an informed understanding of one's own identity not only contributes to the development of a healthy, empowered young adult, but also enhances the learning experience for each and every member of the community.

Consequently, we celebrate our growing diversity through protection and exploration of individual differences articulated along a wide spectrum that includes, but is certainly not limited to race, class, gender, religion, and sexual orientation.

Minority students comprise 34% of the Westminster student body. Our students come from 79 different zip codes and from 43 cities in the greater Atlanta area. About 13% of our students receive financial aid.

A variety of campus organizations and initiatives help to encourage and support cultural diversity and academic structures at Westminster. Visit our Equity and Inclusion section for a comprehensive look at our programming.

What colleges do Westminster students attend?

Our college counselors work closely with Upper School students as they take the important steps of navigating the college application process, and our graduates attend a variety of colleges around the country. Check out the five-year college enrollment snapshot.

Are siblings and children of alumni guaranteed admission?

All students must qualify for admission based on our standards, and all applications are taken to the Admissions Committee for a decision. Once the Committee has reviewed the applicant pool, they do attempt to offer spaces to siblings of current students and children of alumni first, in an effort to keep families together. We tend to have more openings in our pre-first class and in an expansion year such as sixth grade.

How do parents get involved in the life of the School?

Westminster relies heavily on parental support, which is organized through Westminster's parent association, PAWS (Parents Association of The Westminster Schools). All Westminster parents are members of PAWS.

In the Lower School, parents participate in classroom-oriented events, field days, and school wide events such as the Halloween Parade and the Christmas Pageant.

Middle and Upper School parent support is typically centered around social, athletics, community service, and arts events.

Applying to Westminster

What do you look for in an applicant?

The Admissions Committee at Westminster attempts to enroll well-rounded students who are intelligent and ambitious, intellectually curious, and interested in others. They aspire to be good citizens who seek a strong academic foundation necessary for college and for a life of service and achievement.

Are parents required to schedule a parent meeting as part of the application process?

No, there is no such requirement. However, you are certainly welcome to schedule a visit if you have specific questions. We encourage interested parents to visit with us during our Open House events and/or the small group parent information sessions and tours that we offer throughout the admissions season. Please be sure to check Ravenna to view upcoming events.

What can I do to prepare my child for the admissions process?

The admissions process is designed to give the Admissions Committee the best overall picture of your child. The best thing you can do for your child is to follow the process and have all the required forms submitted in a timely manner. If you need additional guidance, please call our office at 404-609-6202.

What kind of JATP/SSAT results does my child need to have?

Westminster's student body is a diverse community of people - many are talented in one area but may have to work harder in another area. Applicants who are accepted tend to be bright, motivated students in their respective schools. There is no specific test score minimum; however, our applicant pool is competitive.

How soon after testing will Westminster see my child's results?

Provided that you, the parent, request that your child's results be sent to Westminster, JATP/SSAT results are typically available to us within about two weeks of the test date.

Does the deadline mean all forms are due?


With the exception of the JATP/SSAT results, all admissions materials should be received by our office by the materials deadline in January. JATP results are due in early February, and we will accept results of the February SSAT, provided that results are released to Westminster when registering for the test. We may schedule your child's evaluation after this date, but that does not conflict with the materials deadline. Files that are incomplete will not be reviewed by the Admissions committee until after April and will be considered late applications. At that point in time, upon review of a complete file, the best initial decision Westminster can offer an applicant is waitlist.


May I ask my child's current school to email forms and test scores to you?

We prefer that required documents be scanned and uploaded directly through Ravenna. JPEG and other images will not be accepted, so be sure to send PDF's only. For forms that you must send directly by email, please note the addresses below to ensure your materials are being sent to the correct location.

Lower School: LSadmissions@westminster.net

Middle and Upper School: documents@westminster.net

My child currently has one teacher, but your application requires two teacher recommendation forms. What should I do?

You may request a teacher from the previous year to complete a recommendation form for your child.

What should I tell my child about the Lower School on-campus evaluation?

We encourage you to tell your child that they are coming to Westminster to spend time with our teachers in a classroom setting and do schoolwork. They should be ready to make new friends and be prepared to listen carefully, follow instructions, and do their very best. Please don't over-stress this, as you don't want to make them nervous.

What should I tell my child about the on-campus interview?

Middle and Upper School applicants should be reminded that the interviewers want to know about them, so they should be prepared to talk about their interests.

Where are the on-campus evaluations and interviews for applicants to the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools?

For Lower School applicants, evaluations take place in Love Hall (please follow the signs and park in Carpool B).

Interviews for both Middle and Upper School applicants take place in the Middle School (Clarkson Hall). Parents and applicants meet in the George Woodruff Library, which is to the right of the entrance to the Middle School.

How should my child dress for the observation or interview?

It is important for your child be comfortable, so please have your child wear what he or she would normally wear to school. Casual slacks/skirts and a shirt/top are appropriate.

My child was not accepted for admission last year. Would it be worth our time to reapply this year?

Admissions decisions are made based on a student's application for a specific year; depending on why a student was not accepted, his or her chances might be higher in a subsequent year. For example, a student may not have been offered a space for fifth grade when we take only 10 students, but may have a better chance for sixth grade when we take 65-70 students.

My child is on the wait list. What happens next?

Because we typically have more qualified applicants than we have available spaces, some very qualified applicants may be placed on a wait list. The wait list is not ranked; rather, if spaces do become available, the Admissions Committee will meet and decide to whom those spaces will be offered. The wait list expires on the first day of school, thus beginning the new admissions season.

If your child is placed on the wait list and you would like to be removed from the list, please contact us immediately at 404-609-6202. Otherwise, we will leave your child's name on the wait list until it expires.