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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA
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Alumni Strategic Plan

In 2016, the Alumni Association executed a comprehensive survey to gain a better understanding of what Westminster alumni value most from their student experience and how they hope to remain a part of the Wildcat Nation throughout their lives. The feedback we received from more than one thousand alumni was instrumental in guiding our plan for the Alumni Association moving forward.

Our five-year strategic plan will be instrumental in our fulfilling our vision of "an inspired community of Westminster alumni and friends whose lives are enriched through shared passion for learning , fellowship, and the Green and White." Following are the six goals we strive to accomplish over the next five years. It is our hope that the Alumni Association can become an even more valuable resource for Wildcats near and far.


Give alumni better ways to connect with each other.

We'll be working on ways to stay close with Wildcats who live near you, share your interests, or graduated around the same time you did. This work includes establishing and supporting alumni chapters in major city markets.


Connect alumni with kids.

We plan to introduce more opportunities for you as alumni to engage with current Wildcats, like mentoring students who are interested in your career field or the college you attended. We hope to engage alumni in these meaningful partnerships on our campus, at colleges recent Westminster graduates attend, and even online.


Keep alumni learning long after graduation - and teaching others.

Our alumni community is full of innovative, creative, successful leaders. We want to give you opportunities to share your expertise with the Westminster community. We'll also involve faculty and outside partners in alumni programming that reflects your interests and teaches you something new.


Give alumni programming and platforms to network.

Whether online or in person, we re committed to helping alumni and students share connections, advice, and experiences with each other. The Wildcat network is a valuable asset - we want to help you play an active role!


Celebrate Westminster in ways that are meaningful to alumni.

We want to highlight the things that are important to you! We will be strengthening our traditional alumni programming by always keeping an eye on how we can make it more relevant and meaningful for you.


Keep alumni informed.

We want to engage you with stories about each other and about Westminster's current priorities. We hope these stories will inform you, inspire you, and make you feel proud to be a Wildcat.

Want to learn more?

Read about the responses we received from the alumni survey, more about the strategic plan, and the history of the Alumni Association on page 44 of the spring issue of Westminster Magazine.