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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA

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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA
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Don't blame us, it was the Seventies.

It was a time of change, from Watergate to the "me generation". Westminster changed, too, including Dr. Pressly's retirement and the beginning of Dr. Johnson's brief tenure. The Lynx described it as "a change in application or interpretation, not a change in those precepts to which the School is dedicated." But what was really changing was us.

And how could we have gone through those changes without our close friends? At the parties and games, on teams, in clubs, and even in class! We were inspired by Lauderdale and Asher, while dodging the wrath of Patton and Flaschka. Such memories: Wayne Dobbs on the Mardi Gras float, the Senior Liberation Army, athletic heroes, and the Ensemble in Brazil, to name a few. We all experienced Westminster differently, but came together as one of Westminster's best-ever classes.

Thank you to those who were able to join us back on campus to celebrate our 45th Reunion. We had a blast catching up with everyone during this milestone year, and look forward to our 50th! Huge thanks to the Reunion Committee for their hard work to ensure the weekend was a success, and to Dennis for hosting the class party on Saturday. Please watch your inbox for photos from the weekend. Go Cats!

Class of '74 Committee

Jane Lauderdale Armstrong (Event Co-Chair)
Dennis Zakas (Event Co-Chair)
Eric Bleke (Fundraising Co-Chair)
Libby Freeman Goetz (Fundraising Co-Chair)
Kitsy Battle (Treasurer)
Elaine LeCraw Baker 
Gwynie Moran Dennard 
Norman DuPre
Mike Egan
Nancy Griffith Hooff
Valery Voyles Jordan
Patty Tucker Lamb
Guy Long
Dennis Love 
Kathryn Bridges Miller
Chris Schroder
Chip Sites
Bob Strickland
Tommy Tift