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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA

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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA
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Ahhhh, 1979. A Walkman was $200, and gas averaged 86 cents a gallon.

There's so much to remember about our senior year. Pink Floyd declared, "we don't need no education" on The Wall, and Grease was the word the summer before you ascended to the top spot at Westminster. The football team snagged the state championship in the fall. In the spring, Anne Horsley topped our Mardi Gras float for our "Aurora, Goddess of the Dawn" theme. 

Thanks to everyone who was able to join us on campus for our 40th Reunion celebration! We had a blast catching up with everyone during this special milestone year. A huge thanks to the Reunion Committee for their hard work to ensure the weekend was a success! Please watch your inbox for Reunion Weekend photos.

Class of '79 Committee

T.C. Collier (Event Co-Chair)
Rankin Hailey (Event Co-Chair)
Molly Crawford Ream (Event Co-Chair)
Bryan Davis (Fundraising Co-Chair)
Lara Satterthwaite Woods (Fundraising Co-Chair)
Ashley Miller Crosier (Treasurer)
Bill Anderson
Clay Bradley
Linda Pretz Candler
Rufus Chambers
Cathy Catanzaro Clark
Julie Weckerling Corsini
Stacy Stormont Freeman
Jim Shelton
Holly Sims
Julie Bomgardner Smith
Claire Bates Stanfill
Carol Upshaw Swayze
Andrew Taylor
John Wallace
Laura Schoen Warren
Marshall Wellborn
Sally Ansley Woodall