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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA

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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA
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Great seeing you, Class of '99!

Twenty years. Wow, we're old! Gone are the days of freshman hill, high school romance, pep rallies, 14-7 victories over Lovett's football team, car phones as big as a lunch box, and AOL dial-up internet. Those were replaced with grey hair, stronger glasses, dependents, and much more fatigue! But we can now look back fondly on the incredible times we had with each other at Westminster. We also had some pretty awesome opportunities, including assemblies featuring Desmond Tutu and Colin Powell, travel learning opportunities around the world, and outstanding teachers and coaches (Lasley Gober, Eddie DuPriest, Pete Higgins, Jere Von Link, Joe Tribble, Gerry Romberg, and Amy Eubanks to name a few). Our class was surrounded by superstars—talented artists and thespians, record-breaking athletes, and some of the smartest and kindest people out there. We were certainly an end-of-an-era kind of class. 

Thank you to those who were able to join us back on campus to celebrate our 20th Reunion—we had a blast catching up with everyone! Huge thanks to the Reunion Committee for their hard work to ensure the weekend was a success. Please watch your inbox for photos from the weekend.

Class of '99 Committee

Brian Smith (Event Chair)
Melanie Clear Rigdon (Fundraising Chair)
Katie Plomgren Lavelle (Treasurer)
Natalie Cook Arendall
Edward Bauer
Andrew Blaisdell
Liana D'Anjou
Walter DuPriest
Allison Strueber Dyer
Tyler Henritze
Caroline Levy Limpert
Hayward McEver
Molly Plyler Milligan
Preston Moister
Jae Scarborough
Reggie Williamson