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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA

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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA
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Center for Teaching

Advancing the teaching profession.

The Center for Teaching is devoted to helping teachers improve their understanding of the craft of teaching through programs and resources that facilitate their learning. We design and implement programs to support faculty professional development.

To fulfill its mission, the Center has embarked on the design and implementation of several programs to support and advance the professional development of faculty. Each program has a unique set of goals and a distinctive group that it targets, yet they all provide opportunities and teacher training to educators at all levels of experience.

Program initiatives include, but are not limited to:

  • Curriculum development and identification of best practices in all grade levels and disciplines. The Center supports faculty with grants during the school year and in the summer to work on designing and building new lessons, project based learning units, and integrate assessment strategies
  • Mentoring and training for faculty new to the profession
  • Year-round workshops, conferences, and seminars to promote professional development and to provide opportunities for faculty to interact with national thought-leaders in education
  • Collaboration between faculty from public and independent schools designed to exchange information about best practices in teaching.



The Center for Teaching is a resource center where faculty can receive guidance, feedback, and support on various aspects of their teaching. In addition, faculty can make use of resources provided by the Center to advance the teaching profession. The Center can provide faculty with services in the following areas:

  • Technology integration into the curriculum
  • Design of syllabi and lesson plans
  • Overall development of a curriculum plan and materials needed to implement the plan
  • Review, plan, and implement new assessment strategies
  • Guidance and resources around project-based learning
  • Classroom observation and videotaping as a way to learn more about one’s teaching
  • Student motivation and classroom management
  • Learn how different teaching models can inform one’s practice and develop new instructional strategies


The Center is committed to providing faculty from member schools a comprehensive professional library that contains current books, curriculum materials, and other resources that will facilitate curriculum planning and research into new methodologies. We have nearly 3,000 volumes in our collection. The Center is open to recommendations from the faculty to purchase additional resources that meet their professional needs. See the Center For Teaching's Library Catalog.


Adding Technology to the Classroom

The Center for Teaching offers resources that aid with the integration of technology into the curriculum.