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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA

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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA
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Engaging, experiential, cross-disciplinary and project-based learning.


JanTerm is an intensive, three-week course of study allowing Upper School students to focus on a single topic in great depth and at an accelerated pace. This immersive learning experience offers unique, cross-disciplinary experiences in the classroom as well as off-campus field trips and opportunities for overnight travel. These classes foster collaboration and provide venues for students to create, innovate, and problem solve.



By The Numbers

In January 2024, 818 students chose from 42 courses including Food Chemistry & Global Perspectives, Sports Medicine, Storytelling Through Filmmaking, Literature & Ecology of Fly Fishing, Disaster Management, Entrepreneurship, Innovations in Vehicle Design, and myriad other options blending experiential learning across a wide array of disciplines. 

Each course participated in field trips as part of their curriculum, some within the Atlanta area and others throughout the United States and beyond. Collectively, students took more than 350 field trips to places like Florida’s coastal regions to study biodiversity, the Coca-Cola headquarters, and Broadway in New York City. Students met with prominent leaders of Atlanta's business and cultural communities and experts in a variety of fields. International JanTerm courses took students to countries like Czech Republic and Poland to learn about the Jewish experience and antisemitism from antiquity to present, and England to explore the country’s shifting landscapes and sacred spaces. In addition, nearly 100 speakers presented to classes.

JanTerm also offers students the opportunity to participate in internships tailored to their specific interests. This year, 39 eleventh and twelfth graders completed internships, broadening their horizons and learning real-world lessons in a variety of fields.


I absolutely loved From Atlanta to Florida: Biodiversity and Sustainability! I learned so much about sustainability and biodiversity in Atlanta and Tampa. We got to go on some awesome field trips, and our entire experience in Tampa was amazing! We visited so many cool places and met a lot of inspiring people.Student, Class of 2022