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Welcoming Wildcats Back to Campus

Dear Westminster Families,

Our guide for opening our campus for the 2020-21 school year is headlined Stronger Together for good reason. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our success in creating a safe environment for our whole school will depend on our commitment to those values that have always undergirded our community: selflessness, taking care of one another, and good leadership by everyone who counts themselves a Wildcat. We are not only stronger together, we must move forward together as never before to fulfill the promise of Westminster in this moment of uncertainty and disruption.

What you will see reflected in this guide is careful attention to foundational, research-based safety practices combined with resourceful teaching and learning strategies and innovative new technologies. For example, we know the importance of something as common as hand washing in preventing the transmission of COVID-19. We are also deploying new thermal core temperature scanners that replace one-at-a-time temperature screening. Our plan itself demonstrates the theme. We worked together across teams, disciplines, and with outside experts to create a unique way for Westminster to use our resources to open school safely. The part that each member of our community plays is expressed in the pledge that sets the stage for our safety protocols. Please pay special attention to the shared commitments detailed in this section of the guide.

To create as strong a beginning as possible, we have made some schedule adjustments to our opening days in each division. Our students, faculty, and staff need opportunities to grow confident in new expectations and patterns of activity on campus. Our first days allow for space and time for this to occur before classes officially begin. Please refer to the schedules for each division for details.

Finally, in the midst of our planning we know we need to remain flexible. The coming weeks and months will certainly present moments where we have to pivot to a contingency plan whether as a school or an individual family. In those inevitable circumstances, we will also be stronger together as we all seek first to support our students and children. In any circumstance, we are confident that we can inspire their academic progress. We should not—cannot—miss instilling in them the lessons in leadership and service to others that can become the positive legacy of these difficult times.

Best wishes and I look forward to a new school year!


Keith Evans

Key School Dates

Universal Testing

Safety Protocols for Students, Families, Faculty, and Staff

Academic Buildings and School Day

Carpool and Campus Access

Before and After the School Day

Buildings and Facilities

Special Activities

Exposure Response Protocols, Contact Tracing, and Communications

Financial Impact

Preparing For A Possible Interruption To On-Campus Learning