Why Westminster?

    From the waters of Nancy Creek to the galleries of the High Museum to settings across the globe, Westminster students engage in deep exploration that develops them in multi-faceted ways. To us, both intellect and character matter. We encourage strong bodies and a strong spiritual core. Our challenging academics, wide array of sports and countless clubs give students limitless opportunities to mature in their ability to:  
    • Communicate and collaborate
    • Problem-find and problem-solve
    • Create and innovate
    • Reflect and revise
    • Serve and lead
    Our vision of Learning for Life means students engage in integrated studies that foster critical thinking, creativity and collaboration through project-based learning and global opportunities. Our 1:1 Apple Laptop Program lets students tap into digital tools to connect to the larger world and better understand how their unique gifts can play a role in addressing the problems of the 21st century. Foundational to accomplishing our mission is a nimble faculty that employs the best of traditional and innovative teaching practice.
    Westminster students are exposed to the wide variety of challenging (and traditional) classes that readily come to mind when one considers a good education. We add to those courses a special mix of learning experiences to ensure that the physical, spiritual, and ethical core of our children is equally enriched and developed.
    Art helps students develop a deeper awareness of themselves and the world around them. The visual arts and the performing arts help sharpen their perception and provide them with the craftsmanship for expressing the vision that lies within us all. Arts at Westminster also provide a full range of experiences and instruction that can perhaps even launch a career as a musician, actor, or artist. Given the talent and enthusiasm of the student body as a whole, even those who prefer viewing to producing can get in on the act.
    Athletics at Westminster are an integral part of the school's total educational program. The purpose of the athletic program, regardless of age level, is to develop healthy lifestyles and recreational skills and to teach commitment, self-discipline, self-sacrifice, sportsmanship, cooperation, loyalty, and pride in one's self and school community.
    Campus Life
    A healthy and balanced academic environment means the inclusion of fun and friendships. When learning is fun, you enjoy the people surrounding you, and your capabilities multiply. So put a smile on your face, create lifelong friendships, and connect in a way you never imagined! Be a part of the Campus Life at Westminster.