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    We celebrate childhood and the moments of wonder inherent in it. It is a big world out there, and a Westminster education provides students the tools to navigate it. The Lower School is a collaborative environment with an interdisciplinary curriculum that develops the whole child. Our tradition of academic excellence combines with a unique daily schedule that rotates over six days, one that engages learners and inspires creativity even as it builds a sense of community. Young learners benefit from instruction of the heart as well as the mind. Values and spirituality, self-expression and self-avocation are key attributes of the daily curriculum.
    Whitcliff McKnight, Head of Lower School
    In the Lower School, we recognize what a true gift it is to celebrate the uniqueness of every learner. Every day, we joyfully accept the responsibility of creating a learning environment where curiosity is encouraged, minds are appropriately challenged, individual talents and needs are recognized, and a collaborative spirit is fostered. To this end, we have developed a balanced curriculum where the essential understandings in the core subjects of literacy, math, social studies, and science are intentionally and seamlessly woven into interdisciplinary experiences that cultivate 21st century skills.
    During these most formative years, our priority is to create a learning environment where the life of the mind and transcript of the heart are celebrated and developed. Our flexible, rotating schedule offers large blocks of time for project-based learning, design thinking, service learning and social-emotional learning even as opportunities to play, explore, and inquire abound.  This approach to teaching and learning supports our commitment to develop the whole child, building basic and higher order skills, creative expression, and a deep sense of community.
    The greatest metric of our success is the sheer joy we witness as our students enthusiastically run through the doors of Love Hall each morning. There is a vibrating energy in classrooms and hallways during the course of the school day. It makes me wish I were a child again. Fortunately, I get to do the next best thing, which is to partner with our parents and wonderful teachers, to help guide our children to becoming healthy and happy life long learners who serve and lead in our changing world.
    Whit McKnight

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    Whit McKnight
    Head of Lower School
    Lauren DuPriest
    Director of Lower School Operations and Communications