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    The librarians in the George Woodruff Library seek to support, nurture, and inspire our students and faculty in the Middle School of The Westminster Schools. Our goal is to encourage enthusiasm for lifelong learning and, above all, to foster a love of reading. We strive to provide access to information in a variety of formats to meet the educational and recreational needs of our school community. By exposing our students to a resource-rich environment, we hope to teach them how to locate and evaluate information independently as we prepare them for Upper School and beyond. Additionally, we believe strongly in our moral obligation to promote the ethical use of information, ideas, and technology. 
    History of The George Woodruff Library
    The George Woodruff Library was dedicated on September 17, 1985, and is named in honor of Mr. George W. Woodruff. A bequest from Mrs. Woodruff and additional donations by Mr. Woodruff made construction of the library and classroom addition possible. This wing allowed the Middle School to become a self-contained educational unit for the first time.

    The George Woodruff Library serves Westminster’s 550 Middle School students in Sixth through Eighth Grade and 70 faculty. Six thousand square feet provide space for browsing and pleasure reading, reference and research, group and individual study, instruction in library skills, media production, faculty study, and library volunteer work. There are two professional librarians and one part-time library assistant, as well as 25 parent volunteers.

    General Collection:

    • 13,000 print volumes
    • 500+ audiovisual resources
    • 48 professional and general interest periodicals
    • 31 electronic resources
    Special Collections:

    The George Woodruff Library provides a Teacher Book Club of over 1,200 fiction bestsellers. These titles are available only to faculty. The library has a wonderful collection of folk art by local southern artists, including Tubby Brown, Ottie David Vance, Indian Joe, Mary Greene, and Dorethey Gorham.
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    Terri Kaplan
    Middle School Head Librarian
    George Woodruff Library

    Maria Tassopoulos
    Library Assistant