Math Team

    Math Team allows students to work together and to compete in many forms—from quick single-team six-question short answer “GMLs” taken here at Westminster, to Monday afternoon four-team “GAMEs” at a variety of schools around metro Atlanta, to weekend hundred-team invitational meets at colleges and universities around the Southeast. In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in the Modeling Contest, a 36-hour real-life problem-solving adventure. All are designed to provide students with opportunities to learn new things and challenge themselves, all while making and enjoying new friends. 

    The team participates in a variety of tournaments, including the varsity competition at the University of Georgia Invitational meet, which features approximately 100 teams from across the state; the year-long Greater Atlanta Mathematics Examinations (GAME); recurring requests to participate in the Invitational Round of Kennesaw State University’s math competition; participation in the American Mathematics Contests as well as the Walton Invitational Tournament.