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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA

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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA
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An educational experience unlike any other...

You make it possible.

We graduate leaders of conscience who will be a positive force in the world. Given the importance of our mission, we don’t leave that to chance. Your support for Westminster ensures that our students are inspired and lifted up by our Wildcat community each year, building on a strong tradition of philanthropy that makes certain the School is equal to their aspirations day by day. Gifts from alumni, parents, and friends strengthen the Westminster of today while ensuring the promise of tomorrow.

Support Westminster

The Westminster Fund

Our number one ongoing financial priority, gifts to The Westminster Fund maintain and extend our tradition of excellence in all aspects of school life.

Capital Giving

Capital giving is characterized by its transformative nature. Donors who make contributions to advance the strategic priorities of the School become a permanent part of the Westminster experience.

Gift Planning

Donors may make planned gifts to the School that help protect its future and make a strong statement about their deep care for Westminster including bequests, life-income arrangements, retirement policies, and other deferred gifts. Gifts of this nature are recognized through membership in The Cornerstone Society.

How will you change the world?

Westminster students are nurtured to pursue their passions and become leaders of conscience.