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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA

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An Independent Christian Day School | Atlanta, GA
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Westminster Fund Frequently Asked Questions

Each year Westminster relies on philanthropy to provide an exceptional experience for each student, but have you ever questioned why or what difference it makes? Have you ever thought more deeply about what your dollars are actually doing?

To provide more transparency and understanding around the critical role philanthropy plays on campus, we’ve collected and shared below the most frequently asked questions when someone is asked to support The Westminster Fund. Our hope is that you feel well informed and confident when considering Westminster in your philanthropic planning.

The Westminster Fund FAQs

What does my gift to The Westminster Fund do?

Philanthropy is the differentiating factor between good schools and great ones, and gifts to The Westminster Fund support more than $4 million of the School’s operating needs each year. The collective generosity of our school community makes possible the differentiating experiences that make a Westminster education unique, from 5th Grade Leadership Council to WCAT to JanTerm.

Doesn't tuition cover all expenses?

Tuition and fees do not cover the full cost of a Westminster education. There is an $8,000 gap between tuition and the cost to educate a student. Annual giving, combined with income from the endowment and auxiliary programs, makes up that difference. Philanthropy accounts for 19% of a student’s Westminster experience.

Is my Westminster Fund gift paying for new buildings and campus construction?

No, neither your Westminster Fund gift, nor tuition pays for special projects on campus like the newly constructed and renovated buildings. Philanthropy fuels these priority areas which are only made possible through the generosity of the community above and beyond The Westminster Fund.



The Westminster Endowment is the School's most valuable strategic financial asset, but it's not a checking account. When a donor makes a gift to The Westminster Endowment, the principal is never spent. Instead, income from the investments, which are governed by our spending policy (4% of market value), determines the annual flow of funds from the endowment into the operating budget. This conservative spending policy ensures we maintain the quality of the student experience for future generations of Wildcats. During the 2021-22 school year, endowment income supported 13% of the annual operating budget. 


The collective generosity of the community provides for almost 20% of the School's operating budget. Imagine the Westminster experience with 20% less to create with, discover with, imagine with...Your gift to The Westminster Fund enables the Wildcat experience to stand above the rest, impacting every moment here, every day.

The Westminster Fund is an investment in every student from their earliest days as a Wildcat through graduation and beyond as graduates join a supportive network of alumni in Atlanta and around the world. When you give to The Westminster Fund, you provide flexible funding for all aspects of the Westminster experience.

Student support, teacher salaries, JanTerm, WCAT, fine arts, musical sets, and extensive athletics are all made possible by donors. Beloved Westminster traditions—Messiah, Pigskin Picnic, Lower School Pageant, Greek Parade—and our students’ ability to join dozens of extracurricular clubs and activities are supported with gifts to the School. 

 Not only does participation signify a high level of community commitment to the School's mission, it also strengthens our case when seeking support from foundations and corporations. Your gift—regardless of size—is essential to ensuring that current and future students have the opportunity to receive the exceptional educational experience that Westminster has provided since 1951.

In addition to making a gift via check or credit card, many donors reap additional tax benefits by donating highly appreciated assets like stock. You can potentially avoid the capital gains tax when transferred directly to a 501(c)3 like Westminster. 

Visit our Ways to Give page for additional details and instructions on how to give via stock, wire transfer, IRA, and more. 

 While we appreciate the flexibility unrestricted support provides the School, donors are also welcome to support institutional priorities: Academic Programs; The Arts; Athletics; Christian Life; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Faculty Support; Financial Aid; and Student Support and Wellness.

Through our partner student scholarship organization, Georgia GOAL, you are able to contribute funds that will be used to provide financial aid for deserving students to attend our school, and you will receive a 100% Georgia income tax credit in exchange for your contribution! In other words, the State of Georgia is allowing you to ‘spend’ some of the taxes you must pay anyway in order to provide tuition assistance for excellent students seeking a Westminster education. It is a redirection of your taxes already owed to the state and therefore not related to participation in The Westminster Fund.